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Position, position, position

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Most people are familiar with the real estate mantra "position, position, position", referring to the position of a property being one of the key factors dictating potential value when a property is up for rental or sale. In branding terms ‘positioning’ is the art of ensuring companies, products or services attain best returns for acquisition or investment.

How to claim a high ground position

The appeal of a rooftop bar or a house on the hill lies in its elevated positioning, the certain sense of mastery that comes from it being more difficult for competitors and threats to touch you. For brands high ground positioning provides better vantage points and overviews of market eventualities and a hedge against unforeseen threats, such as new players entering the market.

The fixer-upper brand

In the same way as you would apply a fresh coat of paint, implement flash garden clean-ups and install flowers in the window box to entice prospective property buyers, the necessary renovation of brands can ensure they achieve their full potential in the marketplace. Companies, products, services and brands can be just like ‘fixer-upper’ properties that will benefit from cosmetic or structural renovation to achieve full value.

Better returns than property investments

Since 1997 Off the Shelf have been building a proven track record as the turnaround guys. Consistently repositioning companies, products and services for short-, medium- or long-term investment returns of up to 2,000%.

From fixer-uppers to national legacy brands

Our case studies of working with clients - from the day of their purchase of companies; with startups on product and brand development projects; on facelifts for 30-50 year brands - demonstrate that correctly positioned products, companies and brands can provide commensurate or better returns than property investments.

Many business owners are routinely so busy with development of systems, teams and infrastructures that they don’t have time to implement the necessary brand custodianship or renovation strategies. Over time this compounds and impacts on their market position. Having built up goodwill and reputation many of these companies need only a “flash clean up” to achieve proven quantum returns.

Positioning slashes through clutter and competitors. Systematically applied at every touchpoint from products and services to communications and identity, retail interfaces, corporate interiors and digital channels positions companies and brands to take advantage of market opportunities. High ground overviews, forensic brand evaluation and lashings of wit are the icing on the positioning cake that we provide, to guarantee brands in our care elevated, first-choice status in their category.

Positioning can elevate African and South African companies and brands or other ‘indie’ brands to ‘decolonise’ global competitors and markets, generate vital revenue, contribute to the growth of sectors and even revitalisation of whole regions.

Positioned for acquisition...

Deploying positioning objectives and tactics should be dependent on specific client objectives. Identifying one or more of these is the first step to differentiating a company’s potential value:When one or more touch point such as website, logo, corporate or retail interior interface needs refreshing is an ideal opportunity to consider investing in brand (re)positioning. When you are wanting to increase sales enquiries. When grooming a company for acquisition. To attract investment. To attract and retain talent and create corporate culture. To build legacy brands for the future. To build proudly global African brands. To maximise natural and human resources. As a hedge against local or international competitors and threats. To adapt to shifting lifestyle and cultural market trends and opportunities.Make an appointment to chat to us about how to establish best market position, increase company and brand saleability, value and reputation by up to 2,000%.

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