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Meet the brand parents

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The home logo test confirms it! The news that you're expecting. In the months to come the cluster of pixels that is your logo-to-be, will be taking form. You will likely experience a variety of labour pains, but be warned fewer than five percent of logos actually arrive on their due date. Eventually the happy day will arrive - when you are able to announce the safe arrival of your approved corporate identity.

An infant logo is still an unknown quantity, so don’t beat yourself up. You’re only human and those sleepless nights can take their toll. Over time your logo’s distinctive personality will emerge. Issues such as whether she prefers short term acquisition or long term heritage management, fluffy iconography, a social media channel or regular content feed, will become clear as the months go by and the bond between you and your logo grows.

As every logo develops at its own pace, new brand parents might feel a little bit anxious that it will reach required developmental milestones and it may help to log these in My First Brand Manual.

Make sure to logo proof your organisation, removing all clutter that could confuse your newborn’s identity. Regular playtime and toys such as his own brand merchandise will boost his confidence providing the support he needs to progress from standing on his own two feet, to running, jumping and before you know it, even dancing.

Before you know it your logo may be graduating cum laude and venturing off into their own mergers and stakeholder relations, perhaps even producing a proud legacy of branded line extensions of their own.

The more you take the time to love and nurture your little one now, the more rewarding your returns on investment and interest will be in years to come!

We are the brandparents who love to help nurture and grow your brands. Contact

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